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Danny Petroni Run Mindy Run

Run Mindy Run (2017)

1. Run Mindy Run
2. I Am You Are
3. Wing Walker
4. 28 Days
5. Thermonuclear Worm
6. Ghost Town
7. Sun On My Face
8. Bubbles in the Wind
9. Bradley’s Cove
10. Thermonuclear Worm Street

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The Blue Project (2013)

1. I’ve Seen Everything 02:22
2. Taste Like Chicken 03:56
3. God of War 04:51
4. Requiem for the Working Man 05:41
5. I Changed My Ways 06:21
6. Cracker Jack 05:06
7. Peanut Butter & Jelly 05:27
8. Mouse in the House 06:18
9. Diminishing Returns 03:59
10. Hey You’re Looking Good 03:30

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As guitarist Danny Petroni explains it, The Blue Project, his band and its self-titled first release, began as a reaction to hurricane Sandy. Work for Jersey Shore musicians was sparse after Sandy’s devastation: “Gigs cancelled, venues damaged, all music productions stopped in the immediate area.” Petroni’s idea was to create some work for local musicians with a locally produced blues record using his own original compositions. “The Danny Petroni Blue Project was born.”

By Jack Goodstein


This album bills itself as the “Sound of Asbury Park.” Bingo. Guitarist Danny Petroni has done the Garden State proud. Somewhere “The Boss” is smiling. Somewhere “Miami Steve” is smiling. Somewhere “Southside Johnny” is smiling. And blues-loving jazz heads everywhere will be smiling, too, when they hear this disc. Petroni created this project to provide a little bit of work for the musicians, engineers and studios of Asbury Park that suffered so badly in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

“Mouse in the House – Awesome marriage of masterful blues with fantastic horns!!! There aren’t enough songs like this on the radio anymore. Ear candy for any Blues fan!!!!”

“God of War – Classic rock opus from a set of old school musicians out of the BSW or Chicago mold. A touch of Zappa is included as well with the R&B style singer. Actually there are great horn charts, pro rhythm ensemble plus lots of ‘stunt ‘ guitar taking dives & spins a la Vai or Frank himself.”

“Requiem for a Working Man – intriguing start with interesting choice of instrumentation. It has a country/jaz chill out feel to it maybe a little gospel thrown in there too. Great soulful vocals, superb tones. It reminds me of Otis redding but it has a more modern edge. vintage/ retro revival. This type of piece is currently in style with the trend of skinny jeans and roughed up shoes. It has a great atmosphere”

“Thermonuclear Worm”


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